Nasty Women (2017)

Quite often during the development of a series of work Jennifer works on smaller side projects. Nasty women is one of these series. Made during The Deconstructed Image Series and created as a response to the now infamous quote “grab em by the pussy”. These paintings were specifically painted for the united response by women all over the world with the Nasty Women exhibitions. Jennifer participated in 2 of these exhibitions, at Pallas Projects​/Studios, Dublin , Ireland and in Alkmaar the Netherlands.
Here Jennifer completely rejects the ideal representation of “woman” as an object of male pleasure. What exactly is a “Nasty Woman”, what does a nasty woman look like? These questions were the inspiration behind Jennifers paintings. Other words for nasty include unpleasant, disagreeable, disgusting, offensive, revolting, hideous, frightful, foul and dirty. Are these the definitions of woman? Is this what she looks like?