The Deconstructed Image (2016-2017)

The Deconstructed Image,  is a departure from previous working methods Jennifer used in her work. A change in direction of painterly expression and style that has previously featured multiple layers and contrasts in terms of meaning, texture and technique. This series focuses on a stripping down of unnecessary detail and control.
All of Jennifers previous paintings began as a line drawing of the female figure. The use of drawing and line used to start the visualization process, create movement, composition and spacial awareness. However these lines and mark makings became lost and dissapeared through the process of constructing the painting and building up of layers.
Through this series of paintings Jennifer to replace the depth created previously through her style of layered painting. The different works can be presented side by side in series of 5-10 images that visually explain her process of constructing paintings. In a sense she seeks to deconstuct and reveal the layers of paintings that often became lost through her focus of working towards a finished piece. This creating an understanding of the structural development of her work, for herself and the audience.