Multiples (2019-2020)

In this smaller series of work ideas of the female gaze continue and come to the fore. For the first time mutiples of females begin to appear together, a direct comment on the rise of the me too feminist movements and fight for equality. The idea of a male gaze is completely rejected. These women are presented as if no one is looking, watching or judging. They are free to explore, tease and explore their own sexuality and representation of their bodies. Jennifer is playing more with abstraction and the idea of an abstract story telling in each painting.
Jennifer is focused on the female gaze and also looking more at the idea of a voyeuristic gaze. Something we have become very accustomed to and at times completely umaware of as a society.
This series was abandoned due to the coronavirus. Jennifer returned to the ideas expressed in this series in her newest series of works with the working title Methodology.