Jennifer Smith is an Irish visual artist based in The Netherlands. She received a BA of Fine Art, Painting in 2005 from Limerick School of Art & Design. She creates abstract expressionist nude figurative paintings.

Celebrating Women 2021,
Group exhibition by Tits Pits and Naughty Bits,

Online Exhibition #5
Selected by Althuis Hofland Fine Arts for

Dialogs 2020, Contemporary Connection
Group exhibition by atelier97 arte contemporanea,
La Spezia, Italy, March 2021

The Everlasting Female Nude, at The Curators
Group exhibition, curated by Adele Smejkal,

Group Exhibition by The Nua Collective,
March 17

Jennifer Smith’s work is an exuberant take on the female nude and female narratives. Her work interrogates the female body through a female lens, playfully incorporating contemporary scenes and historical depictions. In her application of paint, there is urgent, frenetic energy. This is probably what I enjoy most about these works- they are not overly concerned with ornate depictions, rather giving her figures a sense of empowerment and self-determination. 

– Curator
Jeanette Gunnarsson

Jennifer Smith Studio and Work video by The Ladies Drawing Club:

CloverMill Residency

Jennifer is founder of CloverMill. CloverMill provides onsite accommodation, studio, gallery and exhibition space, located on the grounds of an old water windmill in The Netherlands.
CloverMill offers opportunities to collaborate. The focus is on the work of emerging to mid-career female artists and curators.